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The company DOUKAS S.A. , founded in 1977 , operates in the wider area of Construction Materials . The main object of the company is the production, marketing and distribution of materials to aluminum manufacturers, technical companies, architects, engineers. The company takes care every day to provide professionals in the wider field of building constructions with a wide range of products, which are distinguished by quality as well as functionality.


The building facilities total 25,000 m2 . The headquarters of the company is located in Peristeri, in one of the most central points of Attica, in a space with a total area of 9,000 m2. In addition, it maintains a building with a total area of 4,000 m2 in the area of Galatsi, as well as a state-of-the-art distribution center of 10,000 m2 in Aigaleo. In addition, since 1991, the company's 2,000 m2 store has been operating in Agrinio, Etoloakarnania, serving the wider region of Western Greece.


DOUKAS S.A. is already in its fourth decade of operation in the Greek market. It provides high-level technical support, specialized knowledge for each product it promotes in the market and four decades of experience in the field, which today gives it the lead in the market. The goal of DOUKAS S.A. is to maintain and strengthen its leading position in the Greek market and to focus on foreign markets , always with an emphasis on the human factor inside and outside the company.

The company provides high-level technical support, specialized knowledge for each product it promotes in the market and four decades of experience in the field, which today gives it the lead in the market.

  • Peristeri

Philosophy and Vision



Our philosophy is to operate with professionalism and respect towards core values such as Quality, Innovation, Reliability.

For 4 decades now we have been offering our customers the best service by providing solutions to their professional requirements.

Quality for us is one of the key components of a successful partnership, whether it is the Quality of our services, the Quality and Genuine relationship with the customer or the Excellent Quality of our products. Innovation is perhaps the value that differentiates the company DOUKAS S.A. from others in the industry. The continuous research for new products, innovative but also affordable materials for any customer, is a commitment for us. We are constantly looking for new ways to improve our services, our infrastructure, our processes, to better serve each partner.

The pinnacle of our success is the trust shown by the partner in the face of a family business like DOUKAS S.A. , which with hard work and dedication managed to be a leader in the sector. Our vision is that the customer chooses us because he will expect that our company is the only one that can provide a solution to his problems and meet his needs.

A prerequisite for this is to be innovative and pioneer in products and services. To offer integrated solutions that meet the needs of customers, helping to effectively address their problems in a constantly evolving market. To maintain the humane and approachable style of our company at any stage of development no matter where it is. The customer for us has been and will be the focus of our efforts.




The wide range of products, the large stock, the immediate service throughout Greece, the fast delivery times, are what create relationships of trust between us.

  • Behind each product category there is full technical support both before and after the sale, no matter how many years pass
  • For all our products (screens, roller blinds, railings, tools, doors, etc.) we have a service department that undertakes to repair or replace (when necessary) each of them with responsibility and professionalism.
  • We have been creating and developing for 4 decades the most complete package of products in the field of aluminum and construction in general
  • We select the best products, creating not only a complete range but also the most reliable.
  • We created a state-of-the-art building on Athens Avenue for a better service environment
  • Communication with you as well as our effort to study your needs is permanent.
In our warehouses with a total area of 25,000m 2 there is a large stock for the immediate disposal of the products.

  • Aigaleo
  • Agrinio




All these years, the company invests daily in the added value of the products and services it offers, emphasizing customer service, before and after the sale, applying ISO 9001:2015 procedures, which makes it a leader in its industry. The company is certified according to the ISO 9001:2015 standard by the certification agency AVRV which is accredited by the ESYD (National Accreditation System) and is in compliance with its strict requirements. The certification concerns the observance of the procedures for the production, marketing, distribution and after-sales support of aluminum-iron systems, machines, as well as the observance of internal quality procedures, according to European standards. The continuous checks carried out by the company every day, ensure the quality and high service provision to its customers.

All the warehouses of the DOUKAS company operate with a fully automated Warehouse Management System (WMS), automations related to the receipt-storage and handling of all the company's goods.

Speed of execution and delivery of goods door to door, to its customers, with 22 privately owned trucks in 14 prefectures and in the rest of Greece through cooperating agencies.